Prevent Downtime with Mobile Alerts

"Winsitter alerted me about my hard drive filling up on a criticial server. I was able to tame a runaway process."

Sleep Better Knowing You're Covered

Get alerts before issues arise.

Disk space nearing full or SSL certificates about to expire? Winsitter will alert in advance and help you prevent the outage.

Windows Server Monitoring-as-a-Service

"Winsitter is pretty cool! The notification emails are going to be really great for my team! Can't wait to see what is added."

Free trial with amazingly fast install

No gigabyte downloads.
No complicated configurations.
One simple command and you're running in less than a minute.

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$9 per server/mo

For an ever increasing list of things we monitor on each server

Heartbeat detection
SSL Expiration
Pending Windows Updates
Unusual Memory and CPU Utilization
and MORE!

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No additional infrastructure needed for monitoring

We created Winsitter in a way that removes the complexity of server monitoring and enabling mobile alerts. Anyone can signup, easily install the agent, and sleep better knowing they’ll be notified of issues.
No extra servers required.
Automatic updates.
No PhD required.

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About Us

Bret Fisher

CEO and Sysadmin

Believes Windows Servers deserve better tools for monitoring. Nearly 30 Microsoft certs, and 20 years of managing Windows. Remembers good ol' days of EMM386.EXE, but doesn't miss them.

Kevin Griffin

CTO and Lead Developer

Microsoft MVP, trainer, and conference speaker. User Group Leader. Loves .NET along with Node.js and Open Source. Kills code bugs with bacon.

Joe The Man

Chief Monitor

Our mascott, and always-dilligent alert robot. Likes "Ship It" squirrels. Dreams of being a real boy.